Why our probiotic products only contain one strain of bacteria – and why that’s good for you

The Bioxyne Team

Arkady Lifshits

Our probiotic products contain Bioxyne’s patented probiotic strain, Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003 (or simply PCC®).

It’s a myth that products containing multiple strains of probiotics are better for you – that’s because we know that different strains do different things and unless those strains have been clinically tested and trialled to see how they react together, no one can really be sure about their impact on health.

Our probiotic, PCC®, has been shown in several clinical studies to boost the immune systems of both adults and infants, and to decrease the incidence and severity of cold symptoms in athletes and infants.

It has also been shown to significantly boost the response to the flu vaccine, and to improve gastrointestinal health.

We know the effective dose is 2 billion live bacteria daily – because we tested that number in several clinical studies. That’s why we have that number of live bacteria in each capsule.

We don’t combine PCC® with any other strains in our products because we don’t know if they might interfere with its potent activity to provide a real health benefit.

So our PCC products contain a single specific strain of a clinically tested probiotic, and the recommended dose is that that has been used in our clinical studies.

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