The Importance of Knowing That Your Probiotic Is What It Says It Is

The Importance of Knowing That Your Probiotic Is What It Says It Is

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In January 2018, Professor Claudio de Simone published a paper in the journal “Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology” in which he sent a warning about many of the commercial probiotics on the market. In the paper, entitled “The unregulated probiotic market”, Professor de Simone, who is an internationally recognised leader in the field of probiotics and the human gut microflora, stated:

“Many properties of probiotics are strain-specific, and safety and efficacy findings associated to specific formulations should not be generalised to other probiotic products.” This is crucial, because we at Bioxyne Limited know that not all probiotics provide a health benefit. We have undertaken several clinical studies to show that the specific strain in Progastrim®, PCC®, is highly effective at boosting gut and immune health.

Professor de Simone went on to say: “Manufacturing processes, conditions and ingredients are important determinants of product characteristics and changes to manufacturing are likely to give rise to a product not identical to the "original" in efficacy and safety if proper measures and controls are not taken.”

Bioxyne’s probiotic products are manufactured to the highest standards by world-leading probiotic manufacturer Chr Hansn, based in Denmark. This ensures that each batch of PCC® is the same consistent quality.

Professor de Simone concluded: “These regulatory deficits may have serious consequences for patients where probiotics are used as part of clinical guideline-recommended management of serious conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, and may make doctors liable for prescribing a formulation not previously tested for safety and efficacy.”

Bioxyne’s dedication to clinical studies, manufacturing stringency and quality control ensures that consumers, patients and doctors alike can be confident that Progastrim®, does what it says it does in boosting gut and immune health.

de Simone C. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2018 Jan 25. pii: S1542-3565 (18) 30084-3. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2018.01.018.

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Lee Holmes: How I take care of my own gut

Lee Holmes: How I take care of my own gut

The Bioxyne Team

Bioxyne affiliated practitioner Lee Holmes has an impressive list of health-related titles to her name; she’s certified health and wellness coach, whole foods chef, hatha yoga teacher, author, blogger and holistic nutritionist. What’s even more impressive is that in the five years since Lee started practicing, she’s become something of a household name within the Australian wellbeing space. A great portion of her work is focused on gut health.

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Where does your interest in health and wellbeing originate from?

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia a few years ago, I became accustomed to feelings of lethargy, pain and inflammation. I was prescribed to a cocktail of foreign chemicals and medications, which I was told, were going to help heal me. While the antibiotics did help ease some of my symptoms, I knew there was something deeper that I had to explore. This sparked my interest in health and wellbeing. I started researching all about health and the gut, writing down my own ideas and creating recipes that aligned with my new-found knowledge. This then lead to the creation of my blog, and got me to where I am today!

What have been your career highlights and what are you working on at the moment?

One of my biggest career highlights is the moment that I found out that my book, Heal Your Gut, was on its tenth print-run. I can’t describe how amazing it feels to have a book you’ve worked so hard on be so loved, useful and cherished by other people.

Another career highlight was creating my own products! I love the idea of a daily way to look after your gut, which led me to producing both my own Love Your Gut powder and Golden Gut Blend!

Finally, releasing my two gut healing programs – the Four-Week Heal Your Gut Program and my Love Your Gut bi-weekly program was a huge highlight for me.

Currently, I’m working on releasing my latest book, Supercharge Your Gut and other gut-loving powders! 2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for me and I can’t wait to see what else unfolds.

Is there one piece of wellbeing advice you consistently find you give to your clients?

Don’t overcomplicate it! Please don’t take on every single health tip you read, you’re more likely to regress and burn out. You don’t need every superfood on the planet to make you healthy, just eat real and whole foods.

Do you have any wellbeing rituals you practice at home?

Yes, I love sticking to my rituals! In the morning, I always take a glass of warm lemon water with my Love Your Gut powder. Then it’s time to move! I either head out the door for my morning walk or walk up to the gym depending on my mood.

This may not be a wellbeing ritual, but the one thing that truly motivates me to get home after my exercise is the thought of my frothy, home-made chai. Delicious.

In terms of night-time rituals, there’s nothing I love more than putting some Epsom salts in a bath, applying my Earth, Mask & Scrub and just relaxing! It’s so important to take care of ourselves every single day.

How do you take care of your own gut health?

I give my gut time to heal. As a result of all the toxins we ingest, foods we eat and chemicals we consume on a daily basis, the least our gut deserves is to rest. I let my gut rest by following an intermittent fasting regime. This doesn’t mean no food at all but rather, restricted calories over a short period of time. I recommend 500 calories per day for females and 600 calories per day for men two days a week. It’s the perfect time to let both you and your gut rest and digest. You can read more about intermittent fasting in my book Fast Your Way to Wellness.

What do you see as the role of probiotics in health and wellbeing?

Probiotics have been used for centuries to treat a variety of bowel conditions including constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel disease. Probiotics balance our microflora which in turn, helps support positive moods, boost energy and help produce other essential nutrients. They basically help the health world go-round.

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