Fast Your Way to Wellness with Lee Holmes

The Bioxyne Team

Our good friend holistic nutrition coach and wholefoods chef Lee Holmes has just launched a six-week online Fast Your Way to Wellness program.

As challenging as fasting might seem, it’s well worth it because it’s actually fantastic for your good gut flora.

Bioxyne: Why is fasting good for your gut bacteria?

LH: Scientists are now starting to determine whether there is any impact on the human microbiome during intermittent fasting. Scientific research reveals that intermittent fasting may restore microbe diversity in the gut, increase tolerance against bad gut microbes, and restore the integrity of the intestinal epithelium. This is not confirmed in periods of continued fasting however, so intermittent fasting is the best way to assist gut health. 

Bioxyne: How do you incorporate fasting into your wellness program?

LH: The six week program can be done in a number of ways and I cover each different way from the 16:8 model where breakfast is delayed to give you a 16 hour break between dinner and breakfast, and the 5:2 model where reduced calories for men and women are undertaken two days per week. 

Bixoyne: What can people expect if they join Fast Your Way to Wellness?

LH: This is a great fasting plan of action designed to make intermittent fasting easy and doable. It’s been tried and tested over two years so we know that it works! There are delicious recipes and meal planners and shopping lists plus regular emails and inspiration to keep you going to reach your goals. 

Learn more and join the program

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